– Admin Router Login The IP address is currently the default gateway for most of the Wifi Routers or ADSL Modems. Though 192.168.1, 192.168.l.256,, are the most common ones, there are so many others just like these ones. Different Routers have different IP addresses, these are are called Host Addresses because they host all the data and settings related to the Wifi Routers. 

What to do with 192.168.l.l IP address

By accessing http // we can change or adjust so many options on the router. We can change the Wifi name and password, check the active devices which are using the wifi and one can also access DNS, Proxy, IP Qos, LAN, WAN, Security Options, Network Management, MAC, WPS, DSL, PPPOE, DHCP Client and WLAN Settings. Admin Login

The following instructions will help in 192.168.l.1.1 login, so please follow the instructions carefully. I have also mentioned what kind of issues you may face and how to fix them.

  • First Make sure the router is connected properly and it turned on. Check if the power indicator light is on.
  • Now Connect to your wifi from your wifi settings. If you’re connecting for the first time, the router will have its default name and it will be an open network.
  • Once you’re connected to Wifi, now open any web browser.
  • In the Url, bar type or you can simply copy-paste this http//
  • Now its should load the homepage of 192-168-1-1 login. 
  • If this is a new connection and you’re using it for the first time, then enter the Default Username and Password which is mentioned on the sticker of your router. Enter “admin” in the username box and “admin” in the password box then click enter. If it doesn’t work then please check out the (Default Username and Passwords).
  • You can always change your username and password after logging in.
  • You have successfully logged into 19216811, if you have any issues related to 192.168.l.1 admin login, then please read the instructions below.

Unable to open

If you’re not able to open http //, it might be due to the following reasons.

  • You might be entering the wrong IP address, Copy (http// and paste it in the web browser to try again.
  • Check if you connected to the right wifi, nowadays there are so many wifi’s around one might easily get confused when connecting to wifi.
  • If the router is working fine and you have connected to the wifi but you still can’t access 192.168 ll it means, the IP address might be different for your router. Check the sticker below the router and enter that ip address in the url bar and try again. If you don’t see any sticker or if that ip is not working, check below for more information.

How to find your Router’s Default IP address

We need to logon to the router to configure or change settings on it, for that we need to know the IP address of the ADSL Modem or Wifi Router. We can access them through the web using IP addresses like 192.168.0.l, 192.168.l.l, etc. Most of the Home networks IP addresses start with 192.168 and they generally have or as their default IP addresses. 

These methods work only if you’re connected to the wifi or connected to the internet using the Wired LAN Cable. If you don’t have working wifi, then try connecting a Lan cable to check the Default IP address of your Modem.

How to find your Router’s IP address on Windows?

Open command prompt (Start> type “Cmd” in the search box and click enter). Now type “ipconfig” in the cmd and click enter. Now, if you’re connected to wifi, then you can look under the Wireless Lan Adaptor Wifi and Ethernet Adaptor Ethernet for the wired connection. Look for the Default Address i.e, the Router’s IP address.

Find Your Router’s IP address on MAC

Open Terminal (finder> applications> utilites> terminal) and paste the following without inverted comma’s “netstat -nr | grep default” and you can see your default address.

If you’re not connected to the wifi and couldn’t connect to and want to know your ip address, here are some of the default ip addresses. Look for your Router name and ip address in the table below.

List of Default IP Addresses

Can’t log in to

If you’re not able to login to 192-168-1-1, then it could be the following reasons.

  • You might have entered the username and password wrong. 
  • You might have connected to the wrong wifi address, check and try again.
  • It could be because of the web browser you’re using.

Fix Unable to Login

Make sure you have entered the right username and password, If you don’t remember your Username and Password, look below your modem or router for the default user id and password. If you don’t find any, check below to look at the table below for the list of default Usernames and Passwords.

List of Default Usernames and Passwords

Always Check, if you have connected to the right wifi, especially if you’re doing this for the first time. If you’re connected to the right wifi and still can’t login with your default Username and Password, then it might be the issue with the browser or your Router.

Sometimes cookies on your browser might be the issue for this, clear all the cookies on your browser and now open 192.168.l.1.1 login.

If that doesn’t work for you, the final fix is to reset your router. Look for the reset button on your modem, press and hold the button with a toothpick or a needle for 10-15 seconds, until it reboots itself. Once the Router is reset, then all the settings will be the default, now you can open 192.168.l.l and login to access your Modem settings.

Forgot Router’s Username and Password

If you have forgotten your Router’s Username and password, you can always login using your default username and password if you haven’t changed the username and password from its purchase.

But if you have changed the username and password and now you don’t remember it, then you can reset the Modem. Look for the reset button on your router, press and hold the button with a toothpick or a needle for 10-15 seconds, until it reboots itself. Now connect to the wifi, open http// and enter the default username and password.

You can always change the Username and Password by Logging into

I hope my article on is helpful to you all, if you have any doubts or any issues, please feel free to comment below.

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