How to Reset Wifi Router

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How to reset wifi router?: First, you need to understand that resetting a router is different from rebooting the router. Rebooting means restarting the router whereas resetting the router means changing the router back to its default factory settings.


If you’re having login problems or forgot your router username and password, then you should reset your Router. Once, you reset the router, you can use the default username and password to log in. Now I’ll explain how to reboot your router and How to reset your router, please follow the steps below.

How to reboot your Router?

Rebooting is nothing but restarting your router. Rebooting won’t change any settings on your router, it will help router restart. Follow the steps below to reboot your router.

  • Disconnect the router’s power adaptor and remove all the cables.
  • Wait for 30-40 seconds for your router to reboot.
  • Now the internet connection is gone on the devices connected to the router.
  • Now connect the power cable and turn it on after 30 seconds. It will take a few seconds to start working again.

Rebooting should fix some of the problems, but it barely changes anything. If you can’t Login to or to the default login page of your router, then you need to reset your router.

How to Reset your Router?

How to reset Wifi Router

Before we proceed on how to reset wifi router, let me tell you what all changes when we reset the router. 

  • Wifi Username and password will be changed.
  • Router’s Login details are changed to default login.
  • The port forwards if you have set up any.
  • Any firewall settings that you made.
  • It will remove all the blocked devices.
  • It pretty much changes all the settings, it would be as if you bought a new router.

Once, you reset the router you can configure all the settings as you wish. So, all the things mentioned above will be changed, so be cautious if you don’t have any idea of what you’re doing.

Instructions for Resetting Router

  • Look for the reset button on your router, which is on the backside of the router.
  • It’s usually a pinhole, so you don’t press it accidentally.
  • Use a pin or paper clip to press and hold the router for 10 seconds, do it when the router is on and working. 
  • The lights on the router will start blinking and they should start again solid.
  • You have successfully reset your router.

Resetting the router should fix all the problems you’re facing. If you don’t know your router’s default username and password, Check out “List of default usernames and passwords”.

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