I can’t log in to[Solved] is currently the default IP address for many Wifi routers or ADSL Modems. These default IP addresses are different for each router brand. 192.168.l.l, 192.168.1,, are the most common ones. One must login192.168.1.l to access the control panel of the router where you can change or configure its settings. These default IP addresses are called host addresses because they host all the data related to the modem. One can access the settings from a web browser by entering the default IP address.

Why can’t I Login

Before I explain why you’re not able to login to 192-168-1-1, Make sure the Login page is working. If you’re having problems with the login page, Please check “ IP address not working”. If your  192.168.1 login page is working but you’re not able to log in, then proceed to read this article.

Here, I have mentioned some possibilities on why you can’t log in to http//

  • Wrong Username and Password: If you’re not able to login to 192.168.II, then you must be entering the wrong username and password. Make sure the Caps lock is off and you’re entering the default username and password of your router. If you’re an old user and if you have changed the Username and Password and forgot it, Reset your Router and enter the default username and password. Some of the common router username and passwords are User: “admin” pass: “admin”, User: “admin” pass: “password”, User: “admin” Pass: “<your isp name>”.
  • Clear Cookies and Saved passwords on your Browser: Sometimes Passwords are automatically saved by the web browsers and they auto-fill each time we log in. Clear all the cookies and saved passwords, set the browser settings to default and restart the browser. Now try to login to, it should work.
  • Reset the Modem: Resetting the router is the best solution to fix any other problems related to the router. Press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds, now disconnect all the router cables for 30 seconds and connect again. Now open 192.168.l.1.1 login and it should work fine.

If you still face any problems related to the 192.168.l.1 Router Login, Please feel free to comment below. If you’re not sure about the default Router Username and Password, Please checkout “List of Default Username and Passwords”.

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